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  • AGEC(General Maintenance Services) is a multi-trade industrial & commercial project design, management & maintenance company
    located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Fire Fighting

We are providing Fire Fighting Services. These services are offered at respected clients end within less time.

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General Maintenance

To provides general building maintenance both inside and outdoor properties of all types including warehouse, office, retail, residential and restaurant….etc

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To provide convenient HVAC services and equipment installations at extremely competitive prices. We have worked hard to build a reputation for high quality, accountability and values.

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CCTV Cameras

CCTV Services specializes in professional security camera system installation services. Request an estimate today.

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The pipe that makes it easy to connect the AC

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To be the Prefered Provider, deliver excellent service, high
performance and good value.

To maintain high ethical and
professional standards as we strive for a sustainable future.

Our mission is to achieve excellence in facilities Operations
and Maintenance Services in supporting the building’s needs.

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AGEC REVIEWDesignation

At AGEC we believe our human Resource are the foundation stone of every success we made . The working journey at AGEC is a fulfill of challenges alongside innovation solutions that support our stockholders business, taking in consideration the sustainability and environment protection.


With the start of the new year 2019, the core company Electronics Co., Ltd. is looking for more brilliance, success and more successful business for (AGEC Jeddah General Contracting, Maintenance, Operation, Security and Safety)

Shahid KhanDirector of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

I have been honored to cooperate with AGEC and it has been a good co-operation and demonstrates the existence of an efficiently managed department and skilled technicians thank them all

First Gulf CompanyDesignation

The cooperation that was made by the management of the AGEC Foundation will not be enough to thank them here. They understood the meaning of partnership and the serious commitment early, the future is no substitute for us except the AGEC Foundation, thank you AGEC and further progress


About Us

Quality is one factor that gives us a clear edge over our competitors in the market.

Leveraging on our extensive industry knowledge and intensive research, we keep on expanding our existing product range by adding innovative and technically-advanced fire safety systems and equipment.

We all know how devastating an unexpected fire can be to both you and your property, which is why proper fire precautions are crucial to maintaining a safe environment. When it comes to fire prevention, nothing less than perfection is acceptable. That’s why AGEC Fire & Safety’s team of sales and service professionals will ensure that your multifamily, commercial, and industrial facilities meet and exceed all the latest fire code regulations.

  • Fire Sprinklers
  • Fire Alarms
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Emergency Lighting

Frequently Ask questions

Cooking equipment is the number one cause of structure fires, both in residential and commercial buildings. The combination of open flames, high temperatures, flammable cooking fuels, and a frenzied environment makes kitchens a prime place for flash fires. Since the kitchen is the heart of every restaurant, it’s vital to have adequate fire protection here.

Commercial kitchen fire suppression is a combination of several components, including hood ventilation and automatic foam fire suppression. It’s also important to have Class K fire extinguishers installed in your restaurant or commercial kitchen. This way, attentive cook staff can douse the blaze quickly before it spreads to the rest of the building.

Not all extinguishers are created equal. In fact, there are different fire extinguisher classes designed to put out various types of fires. If flames break out in your home, office, or other building with ordinary combustible products, flammable liquids, and electrical wiring, a multipurpose ABC fire extinguisher is the proper tool to douse the blaze.

For cooking fires in commercial kitchens, a Class K extinguisher is needed to put out the fire and prevent it from reflashing. Class D extinguishers are less common and are only used to fight fires that break out in chemical plants and industrial facilities with combustible metals onsite, such as sodium, potassium, titanium, and magnesium.

If your building features fire sprinklers, chances are good you also need a fire pump. This machine ensures every sprinkler in the building receives enough water to extinguish a fast-growing blaze. If the pressure drops, the fire pump turns on automatically to increase the water flow to an adequate level.

Water pressure is most likely to be a problem in high-rises, large buildings, and structures with ground-level water tanks. These types of properties need fire pumps the most, though we install them in other buildings as well.

Our Projects

We provide innovative product solutions for sustainable progress. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness on the market.


We at AGEC General Building Maintenance are committed to providing our customers with consistent, quality services, which are recognized as contributing factors towards the operational successes of our customers’ organizations.


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