At AGEC we believe our human Resource are the foundation stone of every success we made . The working journey at AGEC is a fulfill of challenges alongside innovation solutions that support our stockholders business, taking in consideration the sustainability and environment protection.


With the start of the new year 2019, the core company Electronics Co., Ltd. is looking for more brilliance, success and more successful business for (AGEC Jeddah General Contracting, Maintenance, Operation, Security and Safety)

- Al-Asasyah

I have been honored to cooperate with AGEC and it has been a good co-operation and demonstrates the existence of an efficiently managed department and skilled technicians thank them all

- Shahid Khan

The cooperation that was made by the management of the AGEC Foundation will not be enough to thank them here. They understood the meaning of partnership and the serious commitment early, the future is no substitute for us except the AGEC Foundation, thank you AGEC and further progress

- First Gulf Company

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