The management and staff are proud to introduce AGEC JEDDAH as one of the leading professional entities in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the supply, design and installation, service and maintenance of all types of fire protection and safety & security system.

AGEC-JEDDAH  was established in June 16 2010  started from JEDDAH and expands up to Riyadh area, AGEC-JEDDAH has grown year after year by enlarging the number of its customers as well as gradually picking up in the field of technical excellence through continuous knowledge updating and experience.

Needless to mention that AGEC JEDDAH has outstanding image of professionalism is mainly due to its fully dedicated staff composed by several skilled technical teams headed by qualified engineers in the field of fire and safety & security.

All our top management personnel have been factory trained and are always being updated by the latest fire and safety technology with sophisticated equipment.

AGEC-Jeddah known as the Fire Protection Professionals is in active member with

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) in the U.S.A. and in other European and

world prestigious professional associations in the field of fire and safety & security.

AGEC-JEDDAH is a market driven company with a highly and internationally experienced

management structure, AGEC-JEDDAH is a member of the FHG multinational group with

offices in Saudi Arabia, Jordan And Philippines,License to operate under MENA or Middle east and Northern Africa, Moreover AGEC-JEDDAH as a strong

and sound financial structure being fully self financed by its owner’s equity

Key Success Factor

The key success of our business will be largely a result of superior service of our present client and future client along with extra attention which other companies are not offering such as  fire drill training program, fire evacuation drill, competent prices to the customers, milestone strictly followed, after sales services etc.

The satisfaction of the employees in terms of emolument, incentives, bonuses etc is another key of success of the company for achieving his goals and objectives.

Resources, planning, internal policies, sales strategy, marketing and advertisement are major element  for the companies renowned and success for its target achieving.

The General Policy

Our general policy is focus to provide customer satisfaction. Our prime objective is

to provide highly quality service in terms of technical and job execution.


Furthermore, we are keen to serve on the following policies:

. Supply and installation of best quality products.

. Execution of job with approval from the client/ consultant.

. Safety measure at site.

. Staff Safety and client’s property protection.

. Time commitment

. Milestones.

. Client satisfaction.

. Cleanliness at site.

. Competitive in prices

International Grand Prix to the Commercial Prestige And China Fire Safety Convention 2014

For AGEC-Jeddah excellent performance and presence in the local and international markets, further we hope that you will grant us your Support along with your confidence in order to allow AGEC-Jeddah to  receive the highest possible award which is the Full Trust of its present and future customers.

We hope that you will grant us your full support along with the confidence in order to allow us to provide the highest possible satisfaction  for our present and future customers.


Best Regards

AGEC-JEDDAH For Fire Safety & Security

Management & Staff




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